Air purification is becoming one of the key factors in providing a safe environment for your returning staff and customers. The CBC has reported on on the anxiety some employees exhibit about returning to work. Demonstrating positive changes to the work environment will bring staff one step closer to being comfortable to return to your place of work.

The CDC guidelines for dental surgeries has recently been released and they recommend the use of HEPA air filtration to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Unlike traditional HEPA filters which are only effective to 0.3 microns, Super HEPA filters can filter microorganisms down to 0.1 microns. This is important because viruses, such as the Coronavirus, exist at 0.125 microns.

Our air purification systems can also be equipped with an Germicidal UV light, which kills viruses and bacteria which are airborne.

In addition, all of our products are made of an all-metal housing which can be easily disinfected. Air Purifiers made of plastic cannot be easily disinfected.

All AllerAir Air Purifiers can be used in home, office, commercial, and Medical environments. 

Air Filtration for Offices, Commercial and Medical environments

AllerAir Pro 5 Series

The AllerAir Pro 5 series offers powerful air filtration for the home and office.

Ideal for standard sized rooms or offices.

AllerAir Pro 6 Series

The AllerAir Pro 6 series offers maximum air cleaning with 40% more filtration capacity than the Pro 5 series.

Ideal for larger spaces and can accommodate larger filters.

Source Capture - The Salon Series

The flexible arm allows for pollutants to be removed directly at the source reducing the wide circulation of fine particles, chemicals and odors.
Made for medical environments, salons/spas, reception areas and anywhere contaminants need to be captured at the source.

Different sizes and filter options are available.