Collection: AirMedic Pro 5 Series

The AirMedic Pro 5 series features units that are engineered to provide exceptional chemical and odor filtration as well as superior particle control. All 5 series can be configured with a UV light. The Plus model and above feature a Super HEPA filter.

The filters inside can be configured to offer general, moderate, heavy or specialized filtration. You can upgrade your unit in the future by ordering different filters (smoke, heavy filtration, MCS etc.).

How do I pick an AllerAir air purifier size?

Units in the 5 series are ideal for standard sized rooms or offices. If you have larger rooms consider multiple units or the 6 series. If you have a more compact space or would like to move your units frequently consider our space-saver series.

What do the product codes mean?

  • Plus units feature a 3″ carbon filter
  • HD units feature a 3.5″ carbon filter
  • Ultra units feature a 5″ carbon filter
  • MCS units are for multiple chemical sensitivities or chemical injury
  • S units are designed for smoke
  • VOG  units are designed for volcanic smog and SO2