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SuperHEPA Filtration

AllerAir’s SuperHEPA filter is a self-contained, strong mesh of fibers that does not require any chemical binders or casings and can easily withstand transport and travel. Used widely in heavy industry, SuperHEPA is available in all of our residential air cleaners and is ideal for users with chemical sensitivities (MCS).

In addition, unlike Traditional HEPA, Super HEPA filters can filter microorganisms at 0.125 Micron. Our air cleaners are also optionally equipped with a Germicidal UV-C Light, which kills airborne viruses and bacteria.

10 Year Limited Warranty

Our units are designed first and foremost to be efficient and reliable. We use all-metal housings and reliable motors and parts sourced from North American suppliers. All our units come with an industry-leading 10 year limited warranty.

  • Large Commercial & Industrial

    Health and safety regulations have become an important part of business, and it is up to the employer to make sure workers are protected.

    Airborne pollutants can be found in every indoor environment and can only be mitigated with source control, ventilation and a good air cleaner.

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  • More Filtration Options

    AllerAir has developed over 40 blends of activated carbon that offer enhanced filtration for various pollutants. That means more complex pollutants can be effectively removed from your indoor environment such as formaldehyde, benzene, fumes, VOC's, cigarette smoke, as well as other harmful and hazardous chemicals.

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