Most Popular Units

AirMedic Pro 5 Plus with UV

Our best selling unit is the Pro 5 Plus with UV, which features layers of protection:

• 3" deep activated carbon filter (17-18lbs of carbon)
• 10 watt UV-C light neutralizes airborne germs
Super HEPA which filters microorganisms down to 0.1 microns

Air Medic Pro 6 Plus with UV

The taller Pro 6 series offers more carbon dwell time and is deal for larger spaces.

• 3" deep activated carbon filter (22-23lbs of carbon)
• 10 watt UV-C light
• SuperHEPA (filters down to 0.1 microns)

Home and Office Air Purifiers

AirMedic Pro 5 Series

The AllerAir Pro 5 series offers powerful air filtration for the home and office.
Ideal for standard sized rooms or offices.

AirMedic Pro 6 Series

The AllerAir Pro 6 series offers maximum air cleaning with 40% more filtration capacity than the Pro 5 series.
Ideal for larger spaces and can accommodate larger filters.

AirMed Compact Air Purifiers

If you live or work in a smaller space or require an air purifier with a small footprint or if you'd like to move your air purifier to different areas often.

Specialty Air Purifiers

Source Capture

The flexible arm allows for pollutants to be removed directly at the source reducing the wide circulation of fine particles, chemicals and odors. Made for medical environments, salons/spas, reception areas and anywhere contaminants need to be captured at the source.

MobileAir - Vehicle Series

Easily secured under the seat, in the trunk, or preferred location. Plugs directly into your vehicle’s 12V DC accessory outlet. Solution for Uber/Lyft drivers, taxis, limousines and any other shared vehicle where air quality is important.

Smoke Eater - S/HDS Series

Extra deep-bed industrial activated carbon filters remove more of the tobacco smoke and odor that other air cleaners leave behind

SuperHEPA Filtration

AllerAir’s SuperHEPA filter is a self-contained, strong mesh of fibers that does not require any chemical binders or casings and can easily withstand transport and travel. Used widely in heavy industry, SuperHEPA is available in all of our residential air cleaners and is ideal for users with chemical sensitivities (MCS).

In addition, unlike Traditional HEPA, Super HEPA filters can filter microorganisms at 0.125 Micron. Our air cleaners are also optionally equipped with a Germicidal UV-C Light, which kills airborne viruses and bacteria.

10 Year Limited Warranty

Our units are designed first and foremost to be efficient and reliable. We use all-metal housings and reliable motors and parts sourced from North American suppliers. All our units come with an industry-leading 10 year limited warranty.