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Heavy Duty Air Cleaners Customized to Meet Your Needs

IntelligentAir is a proud supplier of the Electrocorp suite of industrial air purification products.

Electrocorp Air Filtration Systems manufacture top quality, strong and durable Industrial air purification systems to meet any demand. Electrocorp Industrial is a global innovator in chemical, odor and particle control and we offer the most efficient and cost-effective air cleaners for industrial solutions.

Recommended Air Scrubbers for Coronavirus COVID-19:

8000 Series Air Purifiers The 8000 Air Purifiers come with Super HEPA filter, which filters particles and microorganisms down to 0.1 Micron, large activated carbon filter, to filter chemicals, VOC’s, and odors. 10 watt UV bulb is an option, The Ultra-violet light kills viruses and bacteria.

RAP 204 CC UV The RAP 204 is the smallest Air Scrubber in the RAP series, the Air Cleaner comes with Super HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter, and optional 10 watt UV bulb.

RAP 24 CC UV The RAP 24 Air Scrubber 2000 CFM comes with pre-filter, Super HEPA filters, 2 Activated Carbon filters. 20 Watt UV is optional.

RAP 48 CC UV The RAP 48 Air Scrubber 2000 CFM comes with pre-filters, super HEPA filters, and 4 x Activated Carbon filters. 20 Watt UV is optional.

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