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Intelligent Air



Intelligent Air's fume extractors offer a high draw solution to welding smoke and fumes. Our portable fume extractors feature at-the-source protection removing airborne chemicals, vapours, fumes and smoke directly from the workstation. 

The fume extractors make a cost-effective and efficient addition in steel fabrication shops, manufacturing operations, truck and body shops, equipment operations, aircraft welding, ship yards, welding fabrication centres, soldering, light manufacturing and plastic welding operations, among others.

Units feature 2" HEPA filters that capture airborne particles and a deep bed activated carbon filter for chemicals, gases and fumes.

Ideal for MIG, TIG, arc and robotic welding.

Intelligent Air source capture systems:

  • Remove dangerous fumes before they become part of the ambient air
  • Eliminate the need for costly air makeup systems
  • Improve overall shop or workplace air quality
  • Meet OSHA regulations on hexavalent chromium levels with medical-grade HEPA
  • Adsorb more airborne chemicals with the deepest activated carbon beds available
Carbon Filter Up to 160 lb. without HEPA
80 lb. filter with HEPA
Particle filter 12" HEPA
2 x 2" prefilter
Spark arrestor filter for welding only
SFM 1300
Dimensions 21" x 24.5" x 72"
Arm Adjustable 4" diameter x 6' long
Options Second arm
Different filter configuration
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